The Case of the Missing Templates

Let me start off by thanking Manuel Quintana for his providing quick resolution to this mystery. I also want to thank the rest of the team at Pragmatic Works Consulting for welcoming me to the team as well as providing their input on this mystery.

“Manuel is like the Seal Team 6 of support people :)” -Mitchell Pearson

In addition to welcoming me to the team Pragmatic Works provides me with the opportunity to get to know Task Factory and Pragmatic Workbench. I was excited to get better acquainted with the latest edition of Task Factory.

The first thing I did was install Visual Studio 2015 so that I could install SSDT. According to MSDN this is a prerequisite. Also according to MSDN it is necessary to install SSDT as update through the Extension and Updates dialog of the Tools menu.

I found it odd that after installing SSDT and launching Visual Studio I wasn’t able to find Integration or Analysis services projects in the new project dialog. I did see SQL Server database projects but that wasn’t going to satisfy my urge to jump into to Task Factory.

I allowed myself to test a hypothesis about the order of installation (I installed Task Factory before SSDT). After reinstalling Visual Studio and SSDT I still didn’t find my templates.

I did some more reading and skimming through the annals of TechNet, MSDN, and Microsoft’s support pages. I found a footnote to a table that stated:

1 There are no BI templates in the product release version of SSDT for Visual Studio 2015. You can either choose the Preview or use a previously released version of SSDT. See Previous releases of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT and SSDT-BI) for installation links.

Aha! I need to install a previous version! I proceeded to install Visual Studio 2012 and SSDT for Visual Studio 2012. But still no templates… another link, another link… another link… How many SSDTSetup.exe file downloads are there.

2016-02-03_15-29-54 SSDT Downloads

In the end Manuel pointed me to SSDT_VS2012_x86_ENU. As you may have guessed. SSDT is now two separate things SSDT and SSDT-BI. I installed SSDT-BI an now I can create BI Projects in VS 2012. An interesting post script to this mystery is that if I want to create BI projects in 2015 I can install the December 2015 Preview of SQL Server Data Tools.


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